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A note from The Sketchbook Project Co-Founder, Steven:

Dear Art House community,

Wow. What can I say. It’s been an unbelievable year! With the 2011 tour coming to an end next week, I wanted to reach out to all of you and thank you for making this one of the most amazing years of Shane’s and my little business. We started six years ago in the hope of connecting with a few hundred artists from around the city. This year, you have all proved that we can not only connect with a few hundred artists, but we can connect with 28,000 of you from 104 countries around the globe. What a constant inspiration it is to have the support of such a diverse variety of people… We never could have imagined a result like this.

2011 not only brought us 28,000 new artists, it also brought us the opportunity to travel the country with 10,000 truly amazing pieces of art. We jam-packed the Austin Museum of Art and we had a line all the way to the next block on 1st Ave in Seattle, WA. We met amazing families in Washington, DC and had 3,500 books checked out in San Francisco. And best of all, every single book has been checked out, for a total of more than 26,000 views — so far!

Sketchbook 2011 also allowed us to have a full-time staff of people who work their butts off to make sure this tour goes off without a hitch. I have never met a more dedicated team then the five people that drove your 10,000 books well over 17,000 miles in a giant box truck. They endured everything from snow to 100-degree days. They even had four flat tires during their travels. I personally have never felt so dedicated and worked so hard to make this the most amazing tour possible!

Though things took longer and we had some unexpected hiccups, I hope that everyone understands the magnitude of a 10,000-book nationwide tour. In the past four months we have digitized over 5,000 sketchbooks from all over the world, exhibited 10,000 books around the country and created a home for them in Brooklyn, NY that is growing every day!

I hope that you will all join us in 2012. This project — every aspect of it — is community funded. Without you, we are not able to do any of this. Please help spread the word! We would love to have you on this tour. We are so excited about the future of the project, because we truly believe that we can create the most amazing artist community ever to exist. That’s why we need you!

Please join us for our final two stops on the 2011 tour: Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL from 7/29-7/31 and our closing party on August 20th at the Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, NY!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Until next year,

Steven Peterman
Co-Founder and Director of Operations

Click here to participate in the 2012 Sketchbook Project World Tour!



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